Admissions Enquiry
Registrations for Admission to the 2023-24 session are going on.

Elaborate security arrangements have been made in the school premises to ensure the safety of every child. The entire school is under CCTV surveillance with camera’s at various locations. We have provided identity cards for all students and staff. Nobody is allowed to enter the school campus without proper verification by the guards at the gate. Identity cards have also been issued to all parents and authorized personnel who come to the school to drop and pick up children every day. The school is equipped with biometric attendance system which ensures that an automatically generated SMS reaches the parents the moment the child scans his fingerprints. The school has an elaborate fire-fighting system with early warning alarms and smoke alarm. Mock fire drills are conducted at regular intervals.

Each bus is provided with a teacher in addition to a caretaker to ensure the safety of the children in transit. They are provided with GPS communication devices which keeps them in contact with the school throughout the journey. A SMS is automatically sent to parents five minutes before the child reaches his/her bus stop. At the bus stop, the identity card of the receiving personnel is checked before the child is allowed to deboard.