Admissions Enquiry
Registrations for Admission to the 2023-24 session are going on.
Pre-Primary Studies

The pre-primary wing at our school is a vibrant centre where innovation and grandeur is reflected by the colourful set-up and thematic approach in teaching and design. Following a montessori approach, we believe that children are active learners, explorers, experimenters and artists. Therefore the young impressionable minds are provided with a rich, meaningful and balanced curriculum based on the development of the essential skills and ‘Multiple Intelligence’. The system stresses on the importance of providing wings to our little angels.

Our classrooms have themes including underwater, space, animals etc., and we have both indoor and outdoor activity areas for our tiny tots. Whereas the indoor activity room has a range of exercises and models that help children develop necessary skills, the outdoor area comes fitted with a play station and skating area, for our little angels.

A great amount of focus is given on development of multiple skills in children through language, phonic activities, and stress is laid on development of cognitive skills.