Smart Classrooms

In order to best facilitate learning, we offer smart classrooms that use audio-visual methods of engaging students with their lessons.

Our smart classes are equipped with latest innovative technology including LCD projectors and Interactive Digital board systems along with computers. Sections of curriculum are diligently imparted through smart class rooms that are networked to large repositories of digital content.

Horse Riding

We at Delhi Public World School will be providing the chance to ride, learn all aspects of riding, and train to compete at national competitions. We will be encouraging riders of all ages who strive to achieve the highest standards in horse riding. Our trained staff will enthusiastically volunteer their time to introduce and develop riding skills for riders at all levels. Our focus will be on teaching advanced Trotting and Cantering.


Delhi Public World School Nimbahera aims at providing infrastructure of international standards to enhance physical development. The school is developing a massive swimming pool with automatic filtering and well demarked zone for beginners, learners and advanced swimmers. Students, right from their initial stages will be trained in this water-sport to participate in various